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Description: About Candle Ritual

The Yants on the candle was obtained from a 5,000 years old temple in Northern Thailand with magical power of positively transforming one's destiny and Karma.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, light from a candle is said to symbolise the enlightenment of the Buddha and has the meaning and power to purifies one's destiny and life path, bringing about hope, positive direction and Heavenly guidance.

Food offering was conducted before the ritual, and this meritorious act will bless all have participated with wealth, fortune and endless life resources to achieve great success in life.

Flowers represent generosity and show the beauty of enlightenment. Making flowers offerings in a holy place such as in the temple, by a stupa, you will enjoy an abundance of wealth, an attractive body, fame, victory over foes, and glory.

The Functions of the candle ritual includes improving luck, wish granting, removing Karmic debts, metta (loving kindness), wealth enhancements, harmonic social relationship and marriage, protections from dangers, black magic, evil spells, enemies, progression and authority at work, increase in income and financial opportunities (both direct and indirect wealth), inner peace, good health and good luck. Improving mental and physical sickness (especially illness that arise due to Karmic reasons), dispelling interferences and spirit harms, quelling disasters, and bringing auspiciousness. Protects against against the bad intentions and actions of enemies. Smooth sailing in life, increase in beneficial, noble people, blocking misfortune, black magic and curse, increase good karma.

As this event takes time to prepare, last minute request to participate will be rejected as it is operationally impossible to accommodate. It will be highly recommended to register as early as possible.

We thank you for your kind understanding on this matter.

Details of the candle ritual:

Yant Candle with Flowers Offering - $120
Making flowers offerings purifies negative karma as well as help you overcome obstacles in life. By being liberated from hardships, it allows you to achieve more loving kindness and compassion, as well as tolerance, from others, improving personal wealth, charisma and metta. Making flowers offerings in a holy place such as in the temple, by a stupa, you will enjoy an abundance of wealth, an attractive body, fame, victory over foes, and glory.

Your name and date of birth is required for the candle ritual. You may also include any specific concerns or prayer requests (if any).
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