Author Topic: Luang Pu Ya Than Khiao - come to Singapore 30 Dec 23  (Read 382 times)


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Luang Pu Ya Than Khiao - come to Singapore 30 Dec 23
« on: December 20, 2023, 10:08:11 pm »
Dear devotees,

Luang Pu Ya Than Khiao will be meeting everyone on 30th December 2023 (Saturday). This time round, we are lucky to have Luang Pu Ponchai with us as well so if you would like to receive blessings/dana donations to LP Ponchai, you can also do it on that day.

For timing wise, there are 2 slots:
• *11am to 2pm* (AM Slot)
• *2.30pm to 5pm* (PM Slot)
Please let us know if you would be coming for the AM slot or PM slot. This is to help us better plan the time & avoid long waiting time. (*However, please note that likely still have to queue & wait for awhile as from our previous experience, LP Ya Than Khiao does not rush through things*)

*Things to prepare*
On a piece of paper, write down your:
1) Your full name
2) Date of birth
3) What you wish for
4) What you want to remove from your life

When you meet LP Ya Than Khiao, you can pass the paper to LP & he will help you with your wishes and also bring the paper back to Wat Phu Noi for further blessings.

Due to the rise in Covid cases, please please do the ART test before you come for everyone’s benefit. The least we want is for LP to get covid here. You are strongly encouraged to wear a mask as well when you are here.

Venue: 1 UBI VIEW #03-05 S408555 (You can take the lift that is near the coffeeshop, come up to 3rd floor and walk towards the open air and you should see a black “FORTÉ” signboard). Once you reach, you can press the bell or call us at *86991958*

Awaiting for your kind confirmation and see you on 30/12/23 at Ubi. Sadhu 🙏🙏

Please Contact Bro Jeffery @ 8699 1968 to confirm the slot availablity.