Author Topic: How to make merit without spending money  (Read 1165 times)


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How to make merit without spending money
« on: June 01, 2021, 10:45:20 pm »

The first time the writer went to pay respects to Luang Pu Doo Prompanyo in 2525 (1982), he remembered that he and his friends specially went to buy some lotus flowers for Luang Pu. Tahn received it and used the flower to bucha the Buddha statue. Then Luang Pu gave them some advice,

"You all are young and are still studying. Students have to stretch out their hands towards their parents and ask them for money. Next time, don't waste your money on buying flowers. On the way to the temple, did you see a lotus pond? Set your mind in contemplation of bowing down and offering these lotus flowers to bucha the Buddha, bucha the Dhamma and bucha the Sangha."

Afterwards, Luang Pu continued preaching, "When you wake up in the morning and start washing your face or rinsing your mouth, you should mentally recite "Buddhang Saranang Gachaami, Dhammang Saranang Gachaami, Sangkhang Saranang Gachaami". Before you consume your rice for breakfast, you should first mentally offer the rice to the Buddha.

When you step out of your door and start your journey, if you happen to see anyone perform a good deed, such as offering alms to monks or helping the elderly cross the road, then you should silently anumodana sadhu with him. If you see any flowers in a basket for sale, or any lotuses in the ponds along the roads, then you should adithan and bucha Phra Rattanatrai (Triple Gems) by reciting "Putthassa, Dhamassa, Sangkassa Puchemi".

Don't forget to dedicate merit to the auntie who is selling the flowers as well as the Rukkha Devas who take care of the lotus ponds. When you sit on the bus or vehicle back home in the evening and see the lights and lamps illuminating the roads, you should mentally offer these to the Triple Gems by reciting "Ohm ak-kee fai faa (fire-electricity), Phutta Bucha, Thamma Bucha, Sangkha Bucha."

After reaching home, and before going to sleep, you should sit in meditation first. After that when you change from a sitting to lying posture, you should continue reciting your meditation katha such as "Buddhang Saranang Gachaami, Dhammang Saranang Gachaami, Sangkhang Saranang Gachaami" until you fall asleep and keep up the same practice after you wake up in the morning."

Namo Bodhisatto Promapanyo.
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Re: How to make merit without spending money
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Great post! Thanks for sharing.  ;)
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