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Dhamma explained by LP Sanong
« on: February 26, 2023, 10:32:53 am »

When your merit ripens and matures, you will be able to throw away things. Abandon all your desires and external property, wealth and assets. Discard the pain that arises when you pawana (meditate). Even be able to leave your soulmate.

For example, when the Buddha was still Prince Siddartha, he left Phra Nang Phimpa (Princess Yasodhara) to go forth into homelessness as a Samana. Only when the external burdens have been left behind, then you can focus on your pawana.

Leaving the pain which is the property of the physical body, and then later discarding the desires which is the responsibility of the mind.

The heart will change to live only with Phuttho (Buddho) completely. The mind will transform and stay with Anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing) fully.

Thatís it, the mind of people with parami that will uncover the Dhamma and progress upwards successively.

Luang Pu Mai Inthasiri
Wat Pa Khao Phu Luang, Korat

Donít go and seize this as my husband, my wife, my Ajaan. In the end, nothing belongs to me. I will depart alone.

Luang Phor Sanong Katapunyo
Wat Sanghathan, Nonthaburi

Cr. พุทโธ
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