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Somdej Phra Pilan
« on: May 26, 2019, 05:50:20 pm »
Somdej Phra Pilan
Pim Soompratooh
Wat Rakhang
Made by Somdej Budhtajarn Tad
Material Nuea Phong Bailan

Somdej Budhtajarn Tad is the best of Looksit Somdej Toh Since Somdej Toh still alive and when Somdej Toh went to Thudong there was always only Somdej Budhtajarn Tad will handle everything in a temple.
There was no exactly evident when made Somdej Phra Pilan then we estimate based on info have. So Somdej Phra Pilan made on year 2407 total 84000 sets. That time some of amulet has been distribute to people who tamboon but big quantity was keep in Jedee. Until year 2471 has INDOJINE war so temple open Phra Kru and distribute to solder who went to War.
Somdej Phra Pilan has mane design;
-Pim Pokyai
-Pim Poklek
-Pim Mokkalah Saleebhudh
-Pim Soompratooh
-Pim Pidta
And the most famous is Pim Soompratooh which Thai amulet every group count in Benjaphakee of Phra Nueaphong

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