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Somdej Phra Pilan 2
« on: May 30, 2019, 10:09:14 pm »
Phra Somdej Pilan
Pim Leela KobkaewLek
Wat Rakhang
Nur Phongbailan Pao (burn)
Bhuddhakhun Kongkraphan and safe
Market price is aroung 1xx,xxx Baht
History; Phra Somdej Pilan made by Somdej Bhuddhajarn Tad since year 2407. Normally color will appear Dark-Gray or Dark Green. Somdej Bhuddhajarn Tad who’s Looksit Somdej Toh.  When Somdej Bhuddhajarn Tad made Phra Somdej Pilan that time Somdej Toh already very old but there was a story that Somdej Toh also join phitee made Phra Somdej Pilan. That’s why we call Phra Somdej Pilan is the amulet of two Somdej.
Phra Somdej Pilan has main three material;
-main material is Seashell Powder
-Next is Bailan which had longyan Katha before burn Bailan and made it powder
-Magic Powder by Somdej Toh

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