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Phra Chaiwat, LP Iam
« on: May 28, 2019, 10:39:33 pm »
Phra Chaiwat
LP Iam
Wat Nang
Nur Lohah
Year 2442-2462
When talk about LP Iam, Wat Nang people well know “Rian LP Iam” because this one is the most famous, hard find and very expensive. But today we will talk about Phra Chaiwat which also hard find
And quite expensive.  Based on the analysis from profressor in Thailand said Phra Chaiwat made from the concept of Phra Kring Takkatan and Phra Chaiwat LP Iam had a hole at bottom of amulet which LP Iam will put Yan and clost hole.
Phra Chaiwat LP Iam had many batch call;
-   Pim Kontonjan which this batch is very hard find
-   Pim Keanlek
-   Pim Keanyai ( Kean means Damn)
-   Pim Baoteak ( Mold broken)

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