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LP Nuiam, Pim Lonlek
« on: May 27, 2019, 06:51:44 pm »
Luangpor Nuiam
Pim Lonlek
Wat Noi
Material Nur Takua

LP Nuiam was born since year 2370 which is long time ago. When LP Nuiam be a monk since age 21  at Supanburi province then move to learn in Wat Mahathat and Wat Rakhang.  There is a story that LP Nuiam is also looksit Somdej Toh Wat Rakhang.  When passed away at year 2450 LP Nuiam is the first monk in history that was away Like Bhuddha.
That time when making amulet with material MTakua is the most difficult. They have to prepare material all day all night for 7 days to manual made Takua and do phitee.
LP Nuiam is very famous when passed away there was so many monk attended funeral like Phra Sangkaraj Pae,  LP Boon Wat Klangbangkaew.
Famous amulet by LP Nuiam is like;
-   LP Nuiam Pim Lonlek
-   LP Nuiam Pim Seanleam
-   Ngobnamoil
-   Phra Pim PrathanLek-Yai
-   Phrajao-Ha-Ong
-   Phra Pidta
This time I will only attached photo for Pim Lonlek

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Re: LP Nuiam, Pim Lonlek
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