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Common Thai Amulets Translation
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Luang Pi - Address of younger Monk
Luang Phor - Address of monk generally above 40years of age
Luang Phu - Address of monk generally above 60years of age
Dhamboon Phapah - A merit making by donation gathered from people
Singharaj - Lion king
Ngern - Money
Kon - Bottom
Toong - Bag
Bosth - The main hall where the major Buddha statue located
Roi pee - 100 years
Yant - Holy script or verse mostly in Kom (ancient Khmer)
Somboon - Abundance, prolificness, complete
Sapya - Wealth, treasures, assets.
Niyohm - Popular
Choklap - Getting more money, property, riches etc.

Phim Toh - Fat & short mold
Phim Jew - Mini mold
Phim Lek - Small mold
Phim Glaang - Medium mold
Phim Yai - Big mold
Rian - Medal or medallion amulet
Roop or Roop Muan - A small image by casting, carving, or sculpturing
Phim Na Yai - Big-face phim
Phim Na Lek - Small-face phim
Pump - Machine pumped
Tae Thong - Pour Mould (molten metal poured into a mold)
Lor Boran - Old style of mold pouring
Hoo Cheam - Welded ring
Than - Seat (usually referring to seats of Roop Lor)
Roon Reak - First block or batch
Roon Sutai - Last block or batch
Takrut Yao - Long takrut
Pratab - Sitting
Samadhi (posture) - A posture of Buddha
Kleebbua - Lotus petal ( shape of the above amulet )
Sok - A measurement of around 30 cm (height )
Niu - A measurement of around 1 inch ( height )
Phra Smadhi Baipho - Buddha Samadhi, Bodhi-shaped amulet
Bai Pho - Bodhi leaf
Phra phong - Holy powder amulets
Lang yant - Yant back

Common Thai Amulets / Buchas Materials
Loha - Alloy
Nur Thong Kam - Gold
Nur Thong Ngern - Silver
Nur Thong Daeng - Copper
Nur Thong Leaung - Brass
Nur Samlit - Bronze
Nur Takua - Lead
Mekaphat - A type of alloy
Mekhasit - Mercury
Kanlonghin - A type of alloy
Lek Lai - A legendary metal with magical properties
Phong - Powder based
Nur Phong Kesorn - Jasmine powder
Nur Wan - Herbs
Warn Dok Thong - Enchanting herb
Nur Phong Kammathan - Holy incense powder
Nur Din - earth/clay
Nur Phong Bailan - Burnt sutra leaves (from old sutra books)
Nur Chanuan - Sacred metallic artifacts and yantra foils smelted into a sacred alloy
Nur Nawa Loha - 9 sacred metals
Nur Sadta Loha - 7 sacred metals
Nur Benja Loha - 5 sacred metals
Nur Sam Ga Sat - Tri-colored metals
Nur Mai - Wood
Nur GraBerng - Tile
Nur GraDook - Bone
Nur Yok - Jadeite
Nur Rakang - Smelted bell material
Gelai Ngern - Silver plated
Gelai Thong - Gold plated
Gelai Narp - Rose gold plated
Loha Sanim Daeng - Iron, Red rust
Loha Sanim Khiaw - Iron with malachite, Green rust
Nua Lueng - Yellow content

Maha Lap - Great fortune
Maha Phokhasap - Great wealth
Maha Amnaj - Great charismatic power feared by others, being in authority
Maha Metta - To be greatly loved by others all around
Maha Saneh - Opposite *** attraction
Metta Maha Niyom - Effect of loving-kindness
Kong Kra Phan Chatri - Invincibility
Kanphai - Protection for safety
Klaew Klaad - Free from all harms
Buddhakom - Buddhistic magics
Visha - Knowledge
Maha - Great


๐ ๑ ๒ ๓ ๔ ๕ ๖ ๗ ๘ ๙
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Zero: Soon
One : Neung
Two : Sorng
Three: Sarm
Four: See
Five: Har
Six: Hok Seven: Jib
Eight: Ped
Nine: Kow
Ten: Sib
Eleven : Sib Et
Twelve : Sib Sorng
Twenty : Yee Sib
Twenty One: Yee Sib Yid
Twenty Two: Yee Sib Sorng
Thirty: Sarm Sib
Fifty: Har Sib
Sixty: Hok Sib
One hundred: Nueng Roy
One hundred and One: Nueng Roy Et
One hundred and Two: Nueng Roy Sorng
Three hundred: Sarm Roy
One Thousand: Nueng Pan
Three Thousand: Sarm Pan
Ten Thousand: Nueng Meuan
Thirty Thousand: Sarm Meung
Fifty Thousand: Har Meung
One hundred Thousand: Neung Sen
Three hundred thousand: Sarm Sen
Five Hundred Thousand: Har Sen One Million: Nueng Lan

Old: Gao, Gae
Young: Noom
Young Person/Child: Dek/Noo
New: Mai
Pair: Koo
Dozen: Lo Kru
Pagoda Knife: Meed
Tray: Thard
Half: Krueng
Jewel/Gemstone: Pet Ploy, Pet
Oil: Num Mun
Hair: Pom, khon
Bone: GraDoog
Tooth: Fun

Tiger: Ser
Elephant: Charng
Pig: Moo
Dog: Mar
Cat: Maw
Goat: Paeh
Crocodile: Jor Ra Khe
Rat: Noo
Snake: ngoo
Buffalo: Kwai
Chicken: Gai
Fish: Plaa


Red: Se Daeng
White: Se Kharw
Black: Se Dum
Blue: Se Num Ngern
Green: Se Keow
Grey: Se Thao
Brown: Se Num Tao
Yellow: Se Lueng

Source: - By Dennis Yong
Source: - By onionaut
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Re: Common Thai Amulets Translation/Glossary
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This is what I have been looking for some time now.Thank you.
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